are with a brand that is looking for a fresh perspective on things


are tired of the 30-sec TVC solution to every marketing problem


need creative folks that don't approach integrated marketing as an afterthought


need guys who get digital without throwing out jargons


are looking for solutions that come alive on ground as powerfully as above the line.


should tell us more about your brand's story


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  • Full of Toys Playdate


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Meet the Clients

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Meet the Team

Underneath Ashritha's charming, benign smile lies a gritty personality that say, "don't mess with me". A Level 5 Black Belt in Shotokan Ryu Karate, she is also a collector of exotic knives and blades from around the world. She's a traveler and an adventurer at heart, with passport pages waiting to be stamped with experiences from around the world. Of course, that's when she's not learning the marketing ropes as a trainee, bringing to the job a rare brand of infectious enthusiasm. And oh, she brews the most bad-ass black coffee in Indiranagar.


Trainee - Client Servicing

Divya is Windowseat's resident bibliophile: she doesn't merely read, she devours books at a rate faster than authors write and printers print. The one thing that she enjoys as much as books is travelling the world. (You should get her tell you the story of the Asterix-style banquet she had in Thailand). Divya brings this rich perspective to the table as Senior Account Manager, blending strategic insight with a clear understanding of what the customer needs, and an unrelenting focus on delivering on time. By her own admission she loves observing the "minutia of life", which is why you are likely to catch her capturing a ladybird's smile or twinkle in a beetle's eye.


Senior Account Manager

Jishnu is an Engineer turned Marketer turned Musician. He worked at TCS before completing an MBA in Marketing from XLRI Jamshedpur. While there, his band bodhiTree wrote, recorded and released cult underground hits like 'G**nd Mein Danda'. He moonlighted as RSJ's music correspondent from Kolkata. Joined ITC Limited's Tobacco Division as Asst Branch Manager handling sales for Karnataka and then handled Kitchens of India's packaged ready-to-eat range as Brand Manager. It was all going well until the music bug in 2009. He quit ITC and joined Indian Folk-rock Band Swarathma, currently one of India's leading live acts with 2 highly acclaimed albums and 6 international tours. They were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and the Cannes-winning series The Dewarists.


Creative Partner

If you are the kind who cringes at puns and wordplay, you would be well advised to steer clear of Jitendra or Jeetu as he's called, our Creative (Writer). His ability to crack one-liners is matched only by the sixes and fours he whips out in a game of indoor cricket. He is happiest when able to tuck into a full 'Andhra Meals', replete with all its spice. If fate hadn't dragged him into Advertising, Jeetu would have been an actor - as the Telugu film 'Okkadu' and a handful of ad films testify. But then as they say, never say never, he might still crack the big time on the silver screen. And when that happens, we'll be the ones cheering the loudest.


Creative Director

Mathew, our resident Tech Guru, believes that good things are more likely to happen. While this injects a dose of positivity into the office, he says sometimes, after a pint too many that he's too optimistic for his own good. Mathew is clear of his choices - the book over the film, the journey over the destination and coding over other forms of distraction. Which is why we go to him to help us build better tech solutions to bring our brand of marketing alive.


Sr. Account Manager - Digital




Shashidhar is the man in office who inspires confidence, and promises order in a world of chaos. He is the man who keeps track of money, the all-important accountant. When it is time for you submit a bill or make an enquiry, you just need to spend time with Shashi, who smiles under his friendly moustache and sorts it out for you. With 30 years of experience in companies in some of the biggest corporates, he's our go-to-man when it comes to finances.



It is only recently that we learned that our studio magician Shivraj is actually an aspiring model and actor! "For reals?!" we chorused, as we flipped through his portfolio of pics, where in each he looked hunkier than in the last. When he is not behind his trusty mac bringing layouts to life, Shivraj spends time with his sweeter-than-sugar daughter Mohitha or follows cricket.


Graphic Designer - Studio

Vinod is in equal parts a marketing strategist, problem solver and by his own admission, advertising's biggest enemy (advertising the way we know it, that is) He set up HLL’s shopper agenda at modern trade as early as 2003, a time when shopper marketing was not yet the buzz. Since then he moved on to working with some of the leading retail brands like Tanishq, Tata Goldplus, SPAR etc. He created the most spectacular campaign for a retail brand in this decade – India’s first jewellery car. He has worked with some marquee brands like Apple and Visa amongst others in a career spanning 15+ years in advertising and integrated marketing communications.He was a columnist for a local daily during college days (read as a keen desire to fund chai and samosa for friends at the college canteen). He set up his first real business while still in college – a poultry farm with a turnover of 12 lacs/annum in 1994. Assisted film makers for about six months in Mumbai early on in his career and started an IT company just to soak in the heady dotcom days. He has executed successful award winning campaigns - most notable and recent among them being the MAA Globes 2009 for Best Use of Direct Marketing in an Integrated Campaign and Most effective Low Budget Campaign (Client: Tata Goldplus)



Small Talk

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At Windowseat, we don't do interviews. We take you out for lunch, or a chai, or just lounge around. But to do that you've got to tell us why you deserve to tell us your life's story. Getting some good grub is always a better idea than a conference room and resumes, right?


Enough has been said about its ambiance, its brews and all that. We love this place because its just a hop and skip from our CMH Road office. Of course, Restaurant Manager Vinay always has a cosy nook for us when we show up.

#MustHave: Goan Sausage Pizza

Baiyyapanahalli Railway Crossing

Jishnu, one of our team members, loves trainspotting. His usual pastime with his 5 year old son is to head to Baiyyapanahalli level crossing and watch diesel and electric locos doing their thing. His son can tell an WAP7 apart from a WAP4, and that's saying a lot! If trains are your thing join Jishnu on one of his trips. Before lunch, of course.

Corner Stone Park

In the urban sprawl that's Indiranagar, there's an unexpected oasis of calm. It's called CornerStone Park, adjacent to Fab India on CMH Road. That's where we go to let a little green bleed into our rushed lives. Breathe in the oxygen gamely pumped into the air by well-meaning trees. And tell us your life's story.