There's a special sound that escapes your lips every time you have that special pickle you love. For some it is a smacking of lips, for others it is a gasp when the chilli hits your senses. Whatever it is, Kitchen Treasures celebrates every signature pickle sound by crafting music out the sounds you make each time you let the piquant aromas of Kitchen Treasures pickle attack your senses.


Take a tour through Kerala's myriad bylanes, backwaters, beaches and more where the fish are caught. Whatever the fish, the curry is going to be amazing if brought to boil in Kitchen Treasures Fish Masala!

When the lunch recess begins, all eyes are on young Vivek whose lunch box is filled with the delicious aromas of chicken curry to die for. As the class attacks his chicken, it seems poor Vivek will have to go hungry. But he has a trick up his sleeve...

What if your husband refuses to believe that the delicious meat dish in front of him has actually been cooked at home? Well, much to your chagrin, he would keep trying to guess who had brought it, even as he licked the plate clean! That's the magic of Kitchen Treasures Meat Masala.

When you sit down to a communal meal there are always the hero dishes that everyone wants another helping of. If your sambar is made with Kitchen Treasures Sambar Masala, your bearers are going to get rather tired of the repeated requests for another ladle of Sambar!

The blindfold device: a creative idea to bring alive the fact that Kitchen Treasures are spices so pure that you can buy them blindfolded. It is your other senses - touch, taste and smell that will stand testament to its purity. Taken across Television, Print and Outdoor, this campaign established high degrees of saliency and firmly positioned the brand as a custodian of purity.